TURBINE and ELECTRIC Power: Helicopter and Quad-Rotor systems.

Turbine two-stage systems with Gearbox, and Electric Brushless Motors... provide power delivery for our airframe conversion packages as well as our bespoke design of airframes and systems.

We design and build standard format Helicopter airframes for scale and training flight, and Quad-Rotor airframes designed to carry camera units [FPV and Commercial use]... and all are built using aerospace specification materials such as Aluminium, Carbon Fibre, and Titanium, with high quality bearings, and quality hardened steel shafts where required.

The turbines are developed in-house, along with gearbox and power turbine systems with exhausts. There are two sizes of two-stage turbine system with their own unique gearbox, including a clutch... Gemini-70 and Gemini-90 are the designated name style for the two systems.

We also have a development of the Gemini-90 system where the gearbox is an epicyclic gear cluster. Ideal as a turbo-prop for fixed wing aircraft installation. Developed for flying later this summer.

Electric Power is provided by use of a proprietory brushless motor... with a little extra work to ensure it meets our required standard of performance and reliability with heavy duty use in some commercial UAV airframes.

SAS flight systems are developed from commercially available hardware and revised to our own requirement with additional bespoke hardware, mainly for use in Scale Helicopter and Commercial UAV requirements... including use with GPS for potential autonomous flight planning or fixed position 'loiter' with camera applications.



Launch date - November 2015... with specification and images of various sytems available or in final development... and a range of New Products.

NEW PRODUCTS Include: GEMINI-70... smallest two-stage turbine system in The World. Mounted in ALIGN 600 size helicopter, and ideal for smaller scale turbine fuselages. VooDoo-600

Epicyclic Gearbox for Helicopter Turbine Power System...

Large COAX-Helicopter airframe with Electric or Turbine Power...



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