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Chinook CH47

The Chinook is a multi-mission, heavy-lift transport helicopter. Its primary mission is to move troops, artillery, ammunition, fuel, water, barrier materials, supplies and equipment on the battlefield. Its secondary missions include medical evacuation, disaster relief, search and rescue, aircraft recovery, fire fighting, parachute drops, heavy construction and civil development.

Chinook helicopters were introduced in 1962 as the CH-47 Chinook, and models A, B and C were deployed in Vietnam. As the product of a modernisation program, which included refurbishing existing CH-47s... the first CH-47Ds were delivered in 1982 and were produced until 1994. Various specs of Chinook continue to be developed and are ongoing production with the current CH47F/MH47G modernisation programmes... which will ensure this tandem rotor helicopter remains at least through the 2030s.

General Specifications Length: Fuselage 52.0 ft. (15.9 m). Incl. Rotors 99.0 ft. (30.18 m) Width: 15.75 ft (4.80 m) Rotor Diameter: 60 ft. (18.29 m) Height: 18.92 ft. (5.77 m) Propulsion: 2 Honeywell 55GA714A engines, 4,733 shp (3,529 kW) each Speed: 170 kts (315 km/h)

Chinook CH47 in flight

Chinook CH47 flying in Chinook CH47 visiting us for photos
  Chinook - Airframe First Flight
Detailed Build

The main airframe was developed as a mix of aluminium sections and carbon fibre re-inforcement... with drive from the turbine gearbox being transfered to the rotor masts by belts. After initial flight testing of systems and controls the airframe and drive system checked out OK.


We have added a few photos of the early stages... with more being added as the build progesses. VIDEO of initial flight is available from the GALLERY Link on the menu at top or bottom of this page.

Chinook - Will the Mechanics Fit! Chinook - Mechanics fit
Chinook- The first beginnings of the initial airframe
Chinook - Turbine and Drive in first development
Chinook - Turbine Gearbox and Drive
Detailed Build and Revisions

We changed the main centre drive belt for a shaft (rev2) as we found that flying in windy conditions, with interaction of the two blade systems, caused considerable issues... and in extreme circumstances the blades moved out-of-phase so much, with belt stretch, that the blades touched!!!


The design of the drives was substantial... but with some of the blade system reaction problems we realised where some of the fullsize Chinook problems came from. Discussions with engineers on the fullsize systems made us realise that we had to design beyond 'normal' expected loadings for shafts and drives!


With further flight testing of the new drive systems and controls developed by ourselves, with seven more flights.. the airframe and drive system has been refined for building a limited production airframe assembly and is now all shaft drive from the 'drive distribution gearbox' (rev3). This system has been developed further for Dave to fly to expected limits of scale model flying... and completed production systems will allow for fitting of the scale Chinook fuselage and ongoing flight tests ready for release of production airframes.

At the VARIO Southern Fly-in (August 2008) the airframe was flown a couple of times in strong gusty wind to show ease of starting, take off capability, and flight in adverse conditions. A recognised regular scale builder of large models realised the potential of the whole design and power system...

Quote from Peter Robertson: "...the run and test at the field was quite impressive, with that power unit it looks possible to scale up to 1/4 scale at least..."

With our turbine system there is very little residual thrust, and with a 'cool' running system we have no problems with heat damge to the sides of the fuselage...


Chinook - Full Mechanics fit to fuselage
Chinook - Detailed fitting and precise work required
Chinook - Airframe rev2 and shaft drive
The VARIO fuselage

The Chinook fuselage from Vario is a basic kit... but makes an ideal starting point for the enthusiast scale builder.


With fuselage Detailing by Dave... it has shown what can be done to 'scale' the very basic Vario fuselage. The 'open tailgate' has been carefully detailed and is left partially open to allow the exhaust gases to exit in the extended turbine exhaust system used when the fuselage is fitted... and cooling airflow is assisted by the fitting of a small electric fan to blow air along the length of the fuselage, and also exiting at the rear.

Chinook - Transfer Box in carbon fibre mounting Chinook - Transfer Box shaft power distribution

NOTE: See the latest videos taken at Vario UK Southern Show (August 2008)... and look at trees and bushes in the background to see how stable the whole flying system is in STRONG Winds!! (follow Menu Link to Gallery for videos)


Along with the Production Airframe, and control system, we will be offering a fuselage package with scale detailing at various levels.

Chinook - Vario standard and Scale Detailed
Turbine Technics Chinook airframe rev3 production shaft drives
Chinook - Detailed Scale Fuselage
Production Airframe

This is being constructed using some special 90deg angle Carbon Fibre profile (150mm x 50mm x 2.5mm)... pre-preg cloth autoclaved to aerospace specifications, as with all the carbon fibre angle and sheet that we use for airframes. The size of the carbon fibre angle profile is the same as we use in our 1/4 scale mechanics. It provides a large area for the side frame machining with integrated stiffness from the 90deg angle moulding. We can maintain stiffness and keep a reduced weight due to not having to add as many spacers and stiffening as you would with normal flat sheet only construction.

Spacers, Bearing Blocks, and Bulkheads are machined from high-spec aluminium bar and blocks, in-house.



More details and costings will be released in August 2010 to Customers having expressed an interest in a flying Turbine Powered Chinook scale model.


Chinook - Production Airframe front section
Chinook - Production Airframe rear section
General Specification

The Chinook47 Turbine Airframe and Vario fuselage will be offered as Factory Built Helicopter (90% complete) ready for radio equipment, or as a Kit of Airframe + Mechanics, with Vario Fuselage Scale Options. The turbine system and gearbox, is supplied fully built and tested for installation in the airframe.

Twin Main Rotor 1,355 mm diameter
Tail Rotor N/A
Weight 12.4kg (ready to fly incl radio)
Length 1,400 mm (excluding blades overhang)
Height 497 mm (top of rotor blade grip)
Width -max 335 mm (outside of side wheel pods)
Width -cockpit 230 mm (outside of cockpit)
RETAIL PRICES (ex-factory)
Turbine Chinook... £##,### Inc 6 Blades
Chinook Mechanics Kit-CH01 £#,###
Chinook Fuselage Kit-CH-scale02 £#,###

Chinook Fuselage Kit-CH-scale03 £#,###

(Kit Prices Do NOT include Turbine System & Gearbox. See Turbine page for costs) Specifications May Change
This helicopter is built as a Special Project, and now ready for Production